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About Vastu

Every creature in this world tries to arrange for a place in which to live comfortably enjoying all luxuries life and happiness of this world getting maximum benefits of heavenly boons. The origin of positive energy to this galaxy evolves from the main source sun. Sun forms the foundational energy for the aspect of human life. The evolution of Vastu is all about leveraging the positive energies and impacts around us to reach the pinnacle.

It is necessarily not an art, astrology or philosophy but it is nearly a pure science. It has nothing to do with superstition, remedies, fishes, mirrors, statues and it also doesn't matter with mantra, machines, rituals, protective threats and conjuring games. Isn't it a boon to sketch your own path to success? Isn't it a great pleasure to reach to the stars without having to lose anything?

Based on my expensive research on this subject it has to be understood and applied as-it-is without any additional flavor and spices who will not like to be a powerful and successful personality? Every theory invented by mankind has always been put onto arguments of reliability and scrutinized of whether it is fatuous or factual. Line of reasoning on Vastu Shastram is not an exception too.

To understand the worthiness of any subject, we can either choose to have logical perspective or statistical view, depending upon the nature of the subject. For instance we don’t deny the fact that A=C, if someone stated earlier that A=B & B=C. In case of Vastu Shastram, we can arithmetically explain the subject, yet, the benefits that we receive in implementing the same, can be well understood only when the statistics behind the delightful users are counted upon.

It is one science that is cautiously drafted for human benefits and the payback is aptly measurable with the count of successful implementations. The word ‘Vastu shastram’ refers to the science of dwelling/architecture. Compliance to law of nature & related energy in this world , is of utmost importance to realize the benefits widespread around us, in this earth.

The building that you design, be it your house or office, should be constructed in such a way that it attracts all the positive energy spread across & heals the problems, yielding to prosperity for the inhabitants. A house constructed with Vastu compliance, ensures peaceful, happy and healthy life. The two main energy that is targeted in Vastu is that of solar and magnetic.

Vastu shastram is a practice followed all over the world for ages, whether knowingly or unknowingly. In the modern era, it is necessary to adapt the ancient principles since we no more call a vast land our home, but make ourselves comfortable in a few square feet of accommodation. Interestingly vast or small, ancient or modern, the directions and corners in the buildings universally remains the same.

My extensive research on the practical applicability of Vastu has yielded around 20,000 samples of data that clearly prove Vastu to be a factual science that can be applied at all times. The apt orientation of the building is sure to bestow a healthy design that promises not only a comfortable lifestyle, but health and prosperity too. The four directions, North, South, East and West and the four corners, North-East, North- West, South-East and South- West rule us. Hence, understanding their effects is vital in constructing a building compliant with Vastu. I’d like to emphasis that Vastu has no relation to mantras, rituals or black magic. There are 20 basic rules to be uncompromisingly followed for the best results.

Vastu Shastram is a foundational aspect that we need to be concentrating upon & consider fanatically for our well-being. It commences rite from understanding the directional forces around us & learning which is exhibiting more positive energy. Directional analysis in olden days was done by observing the shadows during sunlight. But in modern era, with advancement in technology we have the magnetic compasses to be used with ease.

One needs to ensure that the energy generated from directions when measured using the tools, should be positive. Concurring with Vastu is not in just arranging decorative or magical things in your house; it actually starts rite from choosing the apt plot until goes until arranging your furniture & almirahs in rite places! Each and every bit contributes to the success or failure of the inhabitants. Vastu is a science that cautiously bridges & balances humans with nature hood.

Let us start to learn few tips on how to choose a good plot. Always make a choice on something
that is a perfect square or rectangle. Ensure not to have extensions or unnecessary cuts on the corners. The best angled plot is the one that is low heighted in North & East compared with South & West. We are aware that the 5 natural elements that are key constituents to this earth are air, water, fire, land & atmosphere.

Amongst these, the water, that has a significant place for mankind’s survival equally plays a vital role in Vastu. Running a cautious check on the underground water of the plot that you opt to purchase is highly important. Always the North East corner should be the ground water source in the plot. In future, we may choose to allow the flow of the water originating from this corner in any form.