A bedroom is a solitary sanctuary, a place that offers deep nurturing for the body and soul. However, despite its significance we tend to neglect this area while paying extra attention to the more “public” rooms of the house. Remember, a bedroom is the most important part of an accommodation as it’s linked to the inmate’s sleep, intimacy, solitude and dreams.

  • Master Bedroom should come at the Southwest portion of the house.
  • Main door of the bedroom should be at the Positive direction.
  • Windows also should be  in the positive direction.
  • Attached toilet should come at the Northwest portion of the bed room.
  • Lofts and shelves should be constructed at the South and West walls.
  • Don’t put false ceiling in the bedroom.
  • If the bedroom is at the NorthEast portion of the house it should be used by the Children and old aged people.
  • Lockers can be kept at SouthWest corner of the bedroom facing North.