Vastushastram is a foundational aspect that we need to be concentrating upon and consider fanatically for our well-being. It commences right from understanding the directional forces around us and learning which is exhibiting more positive energy. Directional analysis in olden days was done by observing the shadows during sunlight, but in modern era, with advancement in technology, we have the magnetic compasses to be used with ease. One needs to ensure that the energy generated from directions, when measured using the tools, should be positive. Concurring with Vastu, is not in just arranging decorative or magical things in your house, it actually starts right from choosing the apt plot until arranging your furniture and almirahs in the right places! Each and every bit contributes to the success or failure of the inhabitants. Vastu is a science that cautiously bridges and balances humans with nature.

Fundamentals of vastu

Vastu is not a religious related matter. There is no place for machine, mantra, ritual, protective thread and conjuring games in Vastu. It is a simple science, based on absolute facts and Vastu applies for all accommodations, irrespective of rental or owned.

Basically, six important things are the fundamentals of Vastu. These are the things keenly noted in the house/Factory/Office/Industry.

  • Plot should be square or rectangle in shape.
  • More empty space in the North and the East direction is desirable when compared to the South and the West directions.
  • Main Entrance should be at the positive direction.
  • T-Junctions should be at the positive corners.
  • Position of the staircase both internal and external should be according to vastu principles.
  • North-East should be at the lower level as against South-West, which should be taller comparatively.