Hotels and restaurants are mainly constructed for commercial purpose where the people accommodate temporarily to refresh themselves. Hotels and restaurants are becoming popular because of their hospitality and better performance commercially. In modern society nearly 50 percent of the hotels & restaurants are popular, as it follows some vastu principles basically.

  • Make sure that the building should be in square or rectangle.
  • Provide more empty space towards North East direction.
  • Furnaces, chimneys, gas room and Kitchen should be at South East portion of the hotels and restaurants.
  • Cover the dining hall at the South centre or the East centre of the building.
  • Underground water tank, bore well & swimming pools should come at the North East portion.
  • Traveller’s room should be provided at the South West portion of the building.
  • Provide the common lavatories at the North West portion of the building and also provide the attached toilets at the North West corner of the room.
  • Store rooms for placing raw materials and cloak room can be provided at the South West portion of the building.