Dr. Andal P Chockalingam
Dr. Andal P Chockalingam is a good friend of mine and I have known him for over 10 years now. The discussions on Vastu with him are always captivating as he shows living places or legendary monuments as examples that stuns anybody. He has clear do’s and don’t s in the play with Vastu ‘the natural science’. I have personally found it enriching and his inputs towards vastu for my home has made many good for me.

V.A.Ramesh Regional Manager,Avaya Global Connect

Mohana Rangam

Dear Dr. Andal P Chockalingam
I am in full agreement that Vastu is a Science. As we all know if there is something that we cannot play with “Nature”. Vastu, in my opinion is a set of rules that help us understand the nature in and around our living / work space.Doing right things the right way.
I like the way you being straight forward and not subscribing to shortcuts in balancing the wrong vastu by any other means. Your advice on Vastu in a construction/ architecture, place and positions of the living places is very clear and just does not give any half hearted solution.

K.Mohana Rangam Educationalist


Dear Dr. Andal P Chockalingam
Thanks for your valuable time at our office.I know there is a thin line between Science and Belief. If any thing is supported with fact and proof, it becomes Science, if not then it becomes Belief. If there is any thing which cannot be proved, it does not mean that it is a fiction, but, it means that at present our knowledge is limited and we need time to prove it.
For us you proved Vastu is a science & we are very happy to say that vastu changed us positively

P.Balasubramanian M.D., Lotuscover India


Dear Dr. Andal P Chockalingam
I am highly impressed by your predictions. All have gone true and have helped me in solving my problems. Hope to receive the same from you in future.

Partheeban General Manager


Dear Dr. Andal P Chockalingam
Thanks for your vastu suggestions which has been best to me & my life has turned very positively

V.Dhandapanii Entrepreneur


Dear Sir,
Dr. Andal P Chockalingam's vastu advice has brought in not just bright light and cool breeze into my home, but most importantly we are feeling the positive vibrations in our living and our surroundings.

Amalraj CEO, Suresh & Co


Dear Sir,
I have visited various places of worship but after meeting Dr. Andal P Chockalingam and a chat with him on vastu and its reflections in various temples, it has been a revelation. I have really wanted to visit those temples again with all that meaningful architectural wonders. The architects of medieval days have shown us the powers of the nature and the almighty through these mega structures and its vastu.

CenthilKannan Head - Procurement, DOW Chemicals Limited


Dear Sir,
Vastu is something that I have been avoiding till such time I happen to meet Dr. Andal P Chockalingam. His approach towards vastu and explanation of its basics weaved well with the natures elements has changed my complete perception about this wonderful science. In my opinion, this really a great science by itself and today I can say with confidence that, it works!.

C. Seenivasan Finance Controller, Balaji Group


Dear Sir,

In the beginning, without saying anything about vastu, Dr. Andal P Chockalingam suggested a couple of changes in my home, which I did. He checked back with me after a few months during a casual chat and he asked me certain specific questions relating to the issues that I underwent. I readily agreed that those problems have eased out at home. He then explained that those changes that he suggested were based on the science of vastu. That change has made positive impact in my life and family which I could readily accept.

Based on this, I asked for further advice for construction of my new home to have a peaceful living. . . .

Thanks a lot to Andal P. Chokkalingam.

S. Senthil Sub Broker


Dear Sir,
I have had a positive experience after implementing the suggestions and guidance provided by Dr. Andal P Chockalingam in my work place. The changes that we undertook has led to positive growth in our business. While I write this now, let me also mention that we did not realize this till such time one of our friend said to us that ‘your company has magically changed thing around’ .
. . . thanks to Andal P. Chokkalingam.

Kamaraj Industrialist