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Vastu - Self Remedies

Natural Remedies

As mentioned at the onset there are no external remedies that can be offered for a problematic accommodation. The best way is the alter it to a custom Vastu or to move away to a better place. However, the below listed points act as self-remedies:

  • If a widow, separated wife/husband, aged spinsters/bachelors, Physically challenged, couple without issues, orphans live (in house) or work (in case of business); the Vastu non-compliance gets nullified by itself to a greater extent.
  • By ideal destiny, if a person has to be moving higher in prosperity, the accommodation either adapts to any of the above self-remedy or circumstances will move the person away from the place to another better one.
  • Having Cow, petting a dog, feeding crows proves to be greatest remedy!
  • Choosing to buy/register properties in name of your wife/woman at home & running business with woman in your family front-leading will ensure prosperity.
  • Daily prayers offered to Sun (Surya Namaskar), regular prayers to your God as directed by your ancestors (Kula Devatha) will ensure safety for you at all times. Indulge and spend for renovation, maintenance of holy places, temples, Cow inhabitation (GhoShaala)
  • Help for education, offer clothing, aid for marriages to the needy/poor.
  • Ensure the spread of good deed in your house and business places. Money earned should not be against the rule of Dharma.
  • Ensure elders/parents are not left to suffer at any cost which will have an impact on judging the effects of your accommodation.
  • To have a cleansed mind and environment, the windows in the North-East, windows facing the North and East should be left opened 24X7.
  • Ensure not to earn, live out of the money earned via wrong deeds including from unfair money brokerage.