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Vastu for South West

South-West corner is associated with Land. This is named as “Nairuthi Moola”. South-West of the house/plot determines the compatibility of the couple inhabiting in the place. Issues around spouse relationships of any kind like - misunderstandings, incompatibility, ego clashes and frequent brawls owe to the defective South-West of the house. Not sojourning to this factor, SouthWest also rules the family’s financial status. This corner is best suited to have your master bedroom. Owing to its close affinity on the finance, planning your store room, lockers are also advised for. Ensure the valuables in your locker are placed in the SW room, in its South-West corner facing the North. Recalling to our earlier articles, South-West should be more heavy weighted compared to the North and east, hence, sketch your over-head tanks, more closed structures here. It is noteworthy that Lavatory, pits, bore well, sump, septic tanks, closed internal staircases, low height SW compared to NE are all signs of bad omens as per Vastu principles in South-West corner. Plan with these rules in mind & lead a mind-blowing married life with your wallet always plentiful!